Slim Windows

Slim Windows Windows for contemporary architecture

Innovation meets design with the highest comfort, safety and energy efficiency on the highest technical performance.

Amari´s Slim Sliders are the perfect fit to implement in exclusive architectural design and modern style open living concepts with large fixed and or sliding elements with the maximum occurrence of light. Our virtually frameless sliding system, with high insulated aluminum frame profiles, has been used on many projects all over Northern and Southern America from prestige architects to reputable construction companies. The peripheral frame profiles have the ability to be fully installed in the wall, ceiling and into the floor for barrier-free access.

The extreme ease of movement of the optimized stainless steel track system enables the comfortable manual movement of huge glass areas. The high-performance carriages - a decisive design detail – guarantee high operational reliability and durability. On request, concealed electric drives and locks can be used to increase operating comfort according to the individual system configuration. The outstanding and unique feature of our system is for the designer to realize panels up to 2,205lb – (1.000kg) which can be silently moved by just one electric drive.

Highest safety guaranteed due to our two-point and or with the premium system 4 point locking system this provides burglary resistance and is approved in accordance with the WK2 (RC2) Testing. Ventilation can take place by manually locked slot-aeration or by electric opening of the sliding panel. On request, Amari is able to provide bullet-resistant systems up to bullet resistance class BR4 NS mono glazing.

From double glazing options with U-Values less than 0.28 h•ft²•°F/Btu (Uw values of < 1.2 W/m²K) with our slim system up to triple pane options with U-Values less than 0.14 h•ft²•°F/Btu (Uw values of < 0.80 W/m²K) with our highly insulated slim premium system series, Amari achieves unique energy values on maximum energy efficiency on low-energy and passive housing quality. Highest building requirements are sustainably covered and allow the efficient use of energy and the widespread use of renewable energy while improving the quality of life.

Our System offers all conceivable sliding variants, extending up to 4 track system and corner-post-free internal and external corners. The sliding panels can be up to 130 sq. ft. per panel (12 m²) and up to 19ft. in height for fix panels. This is possible due to our special developed carriage technology, while retaining the slender profile design. Due to the special designed junction profiles extreme wind-loads are no problem in terms of static with our unique Slim Sliding Systems. The sustainability of our product lines is one of the keys to our success in the leading industry.

SLENDER PROFILES comfort / flexible arrangement variants

With its particularly slender profiles fits almost invisibly into the entire building project, either in the building façade, as a room partition or as a glass construction in the form of a home conservatory. The integrated running rails of the slim windows® permit effortless and silent opening and closing of the transparent panels. Due to the high degree of flexibility of the concept, compromises in design are hardly necessary. Thanks to the modular design, practically unlimited combinations of sliding and fixed leaf elements are possible. Just a few possible variants are shown here. Not only linear arrangements, but also polygonal constructions (90°-180°corners, closed or opening) are possible.