Philosophy core competence

In terms of an organic development, services and products continuously have to adapt to customer needs, with the goal to be the innovative and qualitative market leader. Amari focuses on areas and market segments where a leadership and being the best is achievable in order to bring highest value and benefit for our partners. Personal values of our employees in terms of individual fulfillment, independency and economic vitality cover and meet with Amari´s values and goals.

Value creation for Amari´s partners is the Key Core Competence of the company philosophy. Creating long term partnerships with key players in their markets is the base for the market leadership of Amari for designers, architectures, general contractors and investors. 

Our high qualified people create the difference in terms of being `Best in Class´ in quality, service, delivery time and project support. The full process from architectural consulting, detailed planning, custom connection detail assistance, and manufacturing is handled directly with Amari. Technical guidance and support from the project development to the implementation to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction though superior product design, quality and service are key criteria´s. Amari develops customized technical solutions, efficiency, process-engineering and grant highest profitability with fastest market lead times. Prestigious international designers, architects, contractors appreciate and use Amari´s capability and performance for realizing their outstanding projects and bring their creative ideas to life.

Top quality anodized surfaces on highest controlled first-rate level. Our ISO certification proves prime quality control. Amari commits to environmental care and is certified with the ISO 14001. Overall, Amari´s products and systems guarantee are over the average brands warranties which certainly speak for the sustainable excellence and our products.

High Quality European produced and manufactured products with a 60 year experience, successfully implemented in the US Market since 15 years.

We are NFRC certified.